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Debt Collection FAQs

What does debt collection entail?

As the name suggests, we will pursue the recovery of a genuine outstanding debt owing to you or your business by a person, business or company. Our training in the legal field and our experience in debt recovery ensures you that you have the best opportunity of collecting your money-and remember it is your money. You can read client testimonials here.


What don't you do?

We do not harrass, threaten or intimidate debtors. There are strict guidelines with which we must comply and severe penalties for breaching those guidelines. We do not accept instructions if we do not feel the claim is legitimate or it is outside our scope of expertise.


What is the difference between you and a solicitor?

Essentially the cost and the processes. Usually with a solicitor you will pay for each step that is taken and will have to pay them regardless of whether they recover the debt or not. We are commission based so after payment of a small upfront fee you only pay after we have recovered the debt or if legal action is taken. Our fee is largely based on our success so we are greatly motivated to achieve a desirable outcome.


Do you have a limit on how much you will collect?

In a word, no. We will accept instructions for any reasonable amount but it must be a debt i.e be for work done, goods sold, professional services rendered or similar. We have a special arrangement in place to assist you in relation to debts of less than $500- by clicking here you can request details of that process. We cannot pursue claims for damages or loss that need to be verified by a court nor for the return of property. You will need to obtain legal advice about those matters.


What if I need to sue?

If legal action is required (we will recommend this as appropraite) we can also prepare and file those proceedings at a much lower cost to you through the newly created QCAT. If your claim exceeds $25000.00 (the limit of QCAT) and legal action is required we will discuss the matter with our panel solicitors and you can utilise their services or, if you prefer, use your own.


When do I pay you?

We have a set up (establishment) fee which we will invoice you for when instructions are received. We will then invoice you as recovery of the debt is effected on the basis of the amount you actually receive be it in instalments or all at once. Any out of pocket expenses such as search fees or filing fees must be paid before we proceed. We will issue a tax invoice as required. To ensure we are able to maintain the best service for you, we do require our invoices be paid upon receipt.


Do I have to allow a debtor a certain time before I use you?

Simply put if you are owed money and it is outside your standard trading terms or arrangement, you do not need to give a debtor any particular amount of time before you contact us. Once they have exceeded your terms or broken a payment arrangement-even if that arrangement is payment upon completion-you can instruct us to take action. Any invoice issued by you should make it clear that you exepect payment in 30 days or as the case may be, and it is normally good busines sense to provide a reminder to debtors but if there is no response within a short period after the first reminder it is time to either make contact yourself or to let us know. Obviously if you are already at this point and cannot get payment you should contact us immediately.


Can I recover your fees?

Generally speaking you can only do so if prior to the debt being incurred there is an agreement between you and the debtor to do so. This should be incorporated into your Trading Agreement if you have one or at least be part of a signed accepted quotation. Ultimately if you belive you are able to collect the fee we charge and a debtor will not pay this at the time, you can have the court decide. You must however pay our collection costs when the principal debt or any part thereof is collected.


Can I get advice from you?

Yes. Just call or email and we are happy to give you general advice and help you decide weather you have a claim. We cannot however by law carry out any work for you until we have your written instructions.


What now?

If you are ready to proceed with debt collection action, simply complete our online instruction form here.