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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Engagement

1. The Agent (Kents Collections) agrees to act as agent for the client (you, your busines or company) in attempting to effect recovery of legitimate debts owing to the

client by debtors as provided by the client either verbally or in writing. The agent and the client agree to be bound by the laws governing recovery

of debts in the district in which they arose.

2. The client acknowledges that all letters, documents and other paper writings used by the agent are the sole property of the

agent and will not be reproduced, copied or otherwise used without the express written authority of the agent.

3. The client appoints the agent to take such action from time to time as directed by the client either verbally or in writing or such

action as the agent deems is warranted in the recovery of its outstanding accounts. Where the agent is engaged in a credit

management capacity, the client authorizes the agent by its principal and employees to represent themselves as the credit

manager of the client for the purposes of recovering monies owing to the client. Where the agent is engaged as a collection

agent, the client appoints the agent to sign all necessary documents and appear at any time before any court of competent

jurisdiction for the purposes of procuring payment of any debts.

4. The parties acknowledge that all information passed between them under the terms of this agreement is confidential between

the parties and shall not be disclosed to any third party for any reason whatsoever.

5. The agent agrees to perform services as required by Schedule A hereto and the client agrees to pay the agent the fees

referred to in its Schedule of Fees as supplied by the agent to the client.

6. The agent agrees to provide credit facilities to the client on the following conditions:

(i) All accounts are due and payable forthwith upon submission by the agent to the client

(ii) Should the client default in payment, then interest will be charged at the rate of 15% per

annum calculated and accrued monthly.

(iii) The client will pay an account-keeping fee to the agent in the amount of $10.00 per month

commencing 14 days after the date of the original account if payment of that account is not

received by the agent.

(iv) Any out of pocket and incidental expenses, including legal and search expenses incurred by

the agent will be invoiced by the agent and paid by the client provide that the agent has provided notification to the

client that such costs will be incurred.

7. The Agent will not be liable for any loss or damage sustained by the client in carrying out the functions associated with

collection of any monies owing to the client including any orders against the client for costs or other payment associated with

legal action taken by or on behalf of the client provided such action is taken with the consent of the client.

8. Where applicable, the client authorizes the agent to receive monies on its behalf and to deduct from such monies any and all

amounts that may be due by the client to the agent as invoiced from time to time.

9. Should the agent be engaged by the client in the Commission Only Programme, then the client will be liable for payment to the

agent in any of the following events:

(i) Payment of the debt or a portion thereof. The agent shall thereby be entitled to payment of commission at the rate

provided plus expenses based on the amount recovered;

(ii) Payment received after the expiration of any other programme operating between the parties

(iii) Payment by contra arrangement.

(iv) Actions aborted by the client unilaterally for any reason.